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GlamMarr® Shots Creative Concepts & Composition

45 Unique ways to add diversity, creativity and fun to every session.

Suggestions for getting the most from this guide:

  • Combine this with your usual posing routine to create more diverse shots without changing your posing.

  • Choose 2-3 ideas from each selection every shoot. Write them down with notes if needed for reference.

  • Combine items from different sections to create endless variations.

Please allow for 24 hours for email with link to overlays to be sent. All Sales final


Boudoir Overlays

Please allow for 24 hours for email with link to overlays to be sent. All Sales final



Our Vintage pack contains 15 Full resolution PSD files for photoshop.

Vintage overlays are made by using various antique lenses and some old school in camera techniques.

Our Vintage overlays are unique because we've made them fully customizable by adding texture, grain and borders for you. Simply double click the layer to turn the effect on or off and create endless combinations!

These overlays work best for:

  • Natural light or Flash photography

  • Photographers that like a more "Classic" look

  • photographers wanting to push their creativity but are not ready for colorful lighting etc

  • Photographers wanting authentic looking vintage effects. 

Our Neon pack contains 15 Full resolution PSD files for photoshop.

Neon overlays are made by using various lighting techniques in camera and transforming them into easy to apply and adjust layers.

Our Neon overlays are unlike any other overlays because we've made them easy to adjust and customize by adding smart layers for you. Simply double click the smart layer or turn combinations of layers on/off.

These overlays work best for:

  • RGB, Gel or neon boudoir photography

  • Darker more moody images

  • Images with a lot of color 

  • photographers wanting a more unique look

  • Images with back or rim lighting

15 PSD Files per pack

  • Width 5000 px (BIG files) may take a while to download!

  • Fully Adjustable PSD files

  • Unique! All Files are made IN CAMERA for the most authentic look

Overlay Images can be used for:

All Personal Use and projects
Printed & Digital Projects
Web Design/Graphic Design/Logos
Scrapbooking projects (digital or print)
Commercial Products ( to resell to one person within another project ie for photographers to assist in their designs)

Prohibited use:

Resold as your own work as collections or given as freebies
Given as digital downloads or as freebies
Should go without saying but do not share these files with others. Sharing or reselling files is illegal and will be pursued. 

This listing is a digital download. No physical product will be shipped. You will receive a dropbox link to your download within 24 hours.


Copyright Notice: All copyrights and trademarks of the trademarked ideas and photos being used belong to GlamMarr Studios




Due to the nature of digital files, they cannot be returned or refunded.

Vintage pack


Neon Pack

boudoir overlays

Boudoir Cloud Pack

Cloud overlays and action pack contains:

5  cloud overlays (PSD)

1 sun ray overlay (PSD)

Zoom ray action

Cloud blend action

Great for brighter cloud sets but works on darker sets with a bit of tweaking


Photo by Danielle Rushkowski

Whole Mood Presets

A collection of 30 LIGHTROOM presets for both bold (dark) and soft (light) images. With these presets you can maintain a cohesive look throughout your session regardless of your lighting conditions! SERIOUSLY THESE ARE AMAZING!!

A separate email with link will be sent after payment is received within 24 hours. All sales final.

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