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Testimonials & Transformations

St louis boudoir

Where do I start? Honestly It is very hard to choose a favorite because I love all the ones I have. I am definitely going to be doing another shoot. I love the way Alaynna Marr makes people feel and look amazing. She is so talented and I am so glad I got to experience this! Please don't hesitate to book with her. Everyone is nervous until they get in and get their hair and make up done and just talking with Alaynna throughout the shoot makes so much fun. I am not married or have children but I can say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I went in thinking I was going to buy maybe 3-5 images. I ended up getting an album because I was so in love with all the photos. It was also the biggest challenge to narrow down, but the reveal is also a blast!

St louis boudoir
St louis boudoir photogapy
St louis boudoir
St louis boudoir photogapy

Two years ago I lost 110 pounds.And guess what I still saw the unhappy person underneath all that.I saw Alaynna Marr and all the women whose lives she changed through her lens.She was capturing who they were,who they really were.I just hoped she could see me.I will be honest I never thought she could bring any of that out in me.I was to broken.And I was scared.I told my self your 61 years old,give up go ahead,do it.....But no I took a Chance.I had so much fun during my first shoot,It seemed Like I had just come over to see old friends .I couldn’t believe the pictures were me.I felt stronger more confident and happy.I saw the changes in me

St louis boudoir photogapy

 It’s so empowering to see how beautiful you are without all the self-doubt and body shaming we do to ourselves!

St louis boudoir photogapy

Regular everyday me, and Glammarr me. Listen ladies, I could give you a thousand reasons why you should do this, but until you actually experience it, you'll never fully understand WHY it's so important. It just does something to you. It's sets something free, in your soul. Something many women, never knew existed. There's true beauty in there. This experience will allow you to see it, like never before. Like you never dreamt was even possible. You have to find a way, to make this happen. It's the most emotional, life changing experience (outside of carrying and giving birth to a child) that I believe you'll ever have. Alaynna is a magician with her camera, but you need to understand, that she's a magician at showing you what's been there all along.

St louis boudoir photogapy
St louis boudoir photogapy

"Everyday me" being a little goofy from constant lack of sleep.  I'm a nurse of almost 20 years & I work night shift. I'm also a single mom. I've spent most of my adult life taking care of others & NOT putting myself first so I decided to do a session as a gift from me to me! I was nervous leading up to my shoot but that didn't last long as Alaynna made me feel so comfortable...she'll do the same for you! We laughed & talked like we'd known each other for years. If you're considering a shoot, don't wait! Book it NOW!

St louis boudoir photogapy

I was a few weeks from turning 57 years young when I did this. It’s only been a couple of months and still can’t believe the magic Mariah and Alaynna performed. I told them I would be their challenge lol. I lost my nervousness and did what I was told and it all came together. Like butta. Thank you a million times and girls-don’t be nervous. Don’t try to be something you’re not. Be your own gorgeous selves. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous I could be! I have the pics to prove it! 


This first pic is just a normal everyday ‘going out’ selfie. The others are what Alaynna was able to pull from me with the amazing pics that she takes.

I almost didn’t keep my appointment that day as my nerves and anxiety were on high. I just couldn’t imagine how I would take a good picture. From the moment I walked into the house and started talking, my anxiety slowly started to leave a ‘high’ point to a not-so-high point.

Throughout the session I probably apologized 200 times ....for moving wrong, smiling or laughing when she was hoping for a more serious shot, etc. I’ve been so beaten down in life that any time I’ve done something wrong I immediately have to apologize for it (one of the biggest things for someone who has been verbally and mentally abused does).

During this shoot I learned that I do have confidence, that I can actually be pretty and that it’s ok to not apologize when making a small mistake.

When I got my photos my own mouth dropped open...I was actually pretty and I absolutely loved each picture she showed me.

I’ve already scheduled my 2nd shoot and this time I’m ready. I’m going to get even more outside of my comfort zone and I already can’t wait to see my pics.


I have been looking at and stalking all of the beautiful photos that the amazing Alaynna Marr has taken for months. Often times wishing I could get the nerve up to get these photos taken, and then if I did.... how could I ever compare to all of these beauties? Well, I finally did it and boy am I glad I did. It not only made me feel 1000 times better about myself, I honestly feel less depressed, more outgoing and much happier. If anyone is on the fence about it, the images and the experience are so worth it.... you won't regret it ladies. I'll leave you with a favorite skit from SNL.....I am smart enough, I am good enough and dog gonnit.... people like me!


"Before I did my shoot I thought I was too fat, not sexy enough, and there was no way she could make me look good. But I wanted to see what everyone else saw in me that I couldn't. OMG she went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable in my own skin. She made me feel like we've known each other for year. Then when I got to see my pictures from the shoot I realized the way I saw myself is a total lie. I really started focusing on retraining my brain to see my true beauty and looking at all my photos really helps with that. I'm so happy I gave it a shot and I am definitely going to do it again."

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