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Hello! I"m Alaynna Marr, a creative weirdo

from St Louis. 

I started my St louis boudoir business over 15 years ago because I wanted a way to help women to feel better about themselves. I wanted to help them gain more confidence. I myself had suffered with binge eating, low self esteem and severe anxiety and depression.

Knowing that I could not be the only one feeling this way,  I used my love of photography to help to show my clients how amazing and special they really are.  

Its such an amazing experience that I am able to photograph woman and show them they are beautiful---Straight out of camera. No Photoshop required.

I've heard woman gasp, cry and  laugh with joy at how gorgeous they look, right on the back of the camera.
I'm so grateful that I can play a part on the path to self love and acceptance, no matter what your age, race, orientation, size or "place" in the world. 

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