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Our Illinois boudoir studio offers each client a unique shoot that is based around their own personality.

You're not basic so why settle for the same old boring, boudoir photography?

See yourself like never before

Boudoir photography for the greater St Louis area, Illinois and the Midwest. 


Boudoir & Pinup Photography for every BODY

15 years specializing in sensual photography for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. 

Self limiting beliefs are beliefs that we instill into our own psyche. These beliefs hold us back from living our best lives. Some major beliefs that many women have are that they are not beautiful enough, worthy enough or the right size to succeed in life and love. 

"If only I'd lose weight",  "If only I didn't have these scars", "If only my body looked like hers"...

What we offer is the opportunity to see yourself from another perspective, one where these beliefs are challenged. Let us guide you through a process that will impact your life far beyond your photo session.

Let us help you change those beliefs and show you how beautiful and worthy you are RIGHT NOW!  

10 reasons why GlamMarr® Studios offers the best boudoir photography near St. Louis & Illinois

Proudly featured as St Louis body positive boudoir photographer on

GlamMarr® offers the best boudoir photography in St louis MO. We specialize in Plus size boudoir photography, Sexy photos of all ages shapes and sizes!

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